Hello world

Hello, I suppose first posts are always awkward – staring a blank new page, not completely sure what to say, the whole thing seeming somewhat unnatural. I suppose it gets much easier once you begin – as with many things (writing papers for uni, for example).

So, enough chitchat, my name is Leore Joanne Green, I am newly turned 26, and living in Israel, I am a student of Literature and General Studies (which means studying a bit of everything), my future plans are to study for a biology degree, and then veterinary medicine.

Other than that, I love books and reading, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in the world of a new book. I also dabble in photography and drawing, although I haven’t picked up a pencil in quite a while, which is a crying shame.

Lately I have become interested in healthy eating and staying fit, in the last couple of months I have started running (!) and exercising after being a couchpotato for years, so there may be some of that on the blog as well!

I am excited to see how this experiment will turn out 🙂

Love, Leore Joanne.


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