Off to the archives, or – my British summer

In two weeks I will be making my way to the airport to board a plane to London. I am travelling to England and Wales for a month and a half to do research for my MA thesis, and thought it might interest my friends and family, and maybe some other people as well, to see what I’m up to in my British and archival adventures. This blog will also document my adventures (if they might be called so) in applying to grad school in the UK and US for the autumn of 2018.

My research is focused on British women in science, more specifically on women entomologists (insect researchers), around the period of 1870-1940. In my work I try to determine how some of these women managed to enter the scientific community and take part in it, at a time in which women were largely excluded from science. I am going to do that by studying the women’s social networks (yes! there were social networks before Facebook), and in my PhD I will be using social network analysis (SNA) which is cool and uses coding and graphs to track social networks in a visual way. I am very interested in the role class played in these networks, and also in how imperialism got into the mix.

In this blog I will tell you of all the archives I’ll go to, but also of the other sightseeing, hiking, and shopping that I’m planning to do. I may use it to write a bit about my extracurricular reading (I mostly love fantasy and sci-fi), and my art (I draw, and paint). Besides that I am thinking of writing a bit about my research and how my thesis is developing, and about making my way in academia as a beginning scholar (i.e. conferences, grad school applications, etc.).

Hope you enjoy the ride,

Joanne Leore Green





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