Hello! My name is Leore Joanne Green, but I usually go by Joanne, or Jo. I am a grad student writing my MA on women in science – more specifically, on British female entomologists between 1870 and 1940. Where I come from, MA thesis are longer and more complex than those in the UK and the US, so this is quite a project! But I am very excited to tackle it.

As an historian I am most interested in all kinds of British history, mostly from the early modern and modern eras, with a special fondness for the 19th century. My field of choice is the history of science, mostly the history of natural history, with a special focus on the social history of women in science.

I love reading, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, but also the classics and contemporary fiction. I love great tv shows that transport you to another world (Doctor Who, Fringe, Game of Thrones, The Man in the High Castle, House of Cards etc.). I am also a great animal lover, and raise four cats with my husband, while dreaming of having dogs, rabbits, and a horse someday.



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